Sunday, 15 April 2012


Have you ever had one of those moment when you are sick of everything and everyone and the best option is to just go to the north pole and live alone with human contact only once in one or two weeks when it would be really necessary.Or maybe in a warmer place like a tropical island.You can just hang out around the beach with nothing to care about and no one to bother you.You can take your SPF 50 for UVA and UVB and not worry about the sun and just drink cocktails from pineapples all day.You wouldn't have to straighten your hair every day or worry about what outfit you are going to wear tomorrow.You can just apply deep conditioners to your hair and moisturisers to your skin to repair it.You wouldn't have timetable and you can wake up or go to bed whenever you want but somehow there would be Internet connection on that island so you can browse through style blogs all day or just play video games.then after a month you would come back to the city all refreshed and with all the money you've saved while on that island which you can use to buy a brand new wardrobe and reinvent your style into something completely different.
If I had money to reinvent my wardrobe Id probably buy lots of skirts and dresses as well as crop tops and T-shirts.I would buy a gold watch(not form real gold,maybe a Casio one) and tons of accessories and hats and hairbands.I would buy knit jerseys and cardigans and a leather jacket(yes i know Its compulsory in everyone s wardrobe but they are so expensive I never got the chance to buy one).I would buy a pair of creepers and a pair of biker boots as well as some normal ones with laces,high and medium lenght.I would probably buy a few blazers in different colours and some leather leggings and some playsuits as well as pastel embellished tops and lots of pastel coloured socks which I would wear with platform sandals from River Island.Oh and I almost forgot,I would buy a lace dress in red maybe.I don't care if they are almost out of fashion and wont be around next season i still want one.And i would probably buy lots of jewellery from Vivienne Westwood and a dress from Christopher Kane and a Topshop dip dyed denim jacket.


  1. Ha this is brilliant! In a perfect world... :) x

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