Thursday, 28 June 2012

My So Called Life

So I heard lots about MSCL and it s a cult American show so how could I miss it.There are lots of things you can discuss when it comes to MSCL including the ending which obviously leaves space for a continuation in a second season which was never made.However, I console myself by imagining my own version of events.Now I m not going into detail with this as has already and amazing article which discusses MSCL and  Rayanne Graff s amazing style and also her role in the show and the reasons why she is awesome in her own way.So while Tavi Gevinson made a post about her style It wouldnt make sense to make another post but one thing about Rayanne that was never discussed is her house which can really give you some inspiration if you want to redecorate your room.It s very colurfull and it kinda feels like entering a gypsy carriage or a gypsy tent at a fair but in a good way.It really matches Rayanne s style and you can see where she gets her inspiration for her clothes.So I made those screen shots myself.Sorry for the bad quality but they are off You Tube where I actually watched the show.

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