Tuesday, 24 July 2012


A pair of Vans like them ones would be a perfect replacement for my battered old Converse which have been worn repeatedly throughout the last 2 years or so.Never mind,I still love them anyways.The jumper reflects my new found obsession with knitwear.I know what you must be thinking,who the hell thinks of knitwear in summer but with weather like this and with New Look already having all those lovely jumpers and cardigans on display it's hard not to.The high waisted denim shorts are also a basic which can be worn with anything and if you are lucky enough to own a pair of Levi's then it's even better.I wouldn't put the baseball cap in this outfit combination but it would be a nice addition to my wardrobe. 

That aztec print cardigan needs no explanation.The cat eye sunnies are probably one of the few shapes that I actually like.The hat would work with so many things in my wardrobe and the watch is way out of my price range atm but so lovely.The boots would look nice with the cardigan ;)

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Feathers and Flatforms

This look is not something I would usually wear but a floppy hat or some feathery accessories can look good    with many types of outfits if worn right.The outfit was inspired by this cool photo shoot Lucy Hale did for Seventeen mag last summer.I just loved that earring for Edge of Urge.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Rihanna/Style post

I would go to a basketball match in Brooklyn wearing this outfit.It is inspired by tough RnB ladies Rihanna and Rita Ora and by Kanye West's love of red. Not everyone can pull the sports luxe,gangsta style off and there are high chances of looking like the white trash version of it but I think those items would work on anyone. I'm not really into Hip Hop but I like this style,it s fun,colourful and you can accessorise as much as you like.Also red lippie and stiletto nails look cool with this look.

Rihanna obviously knows how to work it so this is also a good occasion to look at her awesome style from 2012/2011

Love the Boy London outfit.The rest of the pics are when she is out and about.She has effortless style.

I love her use of jewellery and she can really pull off a white outfit.The floral shorts are also on trend it makes me want a pair as well or maybe a floral skirt cause I'm looking for one anyways.

I really liked her blonde do,it looked really sophisticated especially in the first picture with those awesome sunglasses and chic suit.

Other cool outfits,the asymetrical yellow dress is awesome and so are her sunnies and her shoes.The girl really knows how to accessorise.

Those are some of my favourite Rihanna outfits.I like how she wears Vans with dresses and that baseball cap.

Those are some of my faves of her performing styles.I like the first best,it just suits her so well and it s so nicely accessorised.

In conclusion it took me a while to pick her best outfits as she has so many cool ones and she plays with so many different styles.I might have missed some cool ones like the ones she wore on her UK X Factor
performances,you know that checked dress she wore last year and the one from 2010 with flowers stuck to it .Anyways I m just curious which one of the hair colours she has tried in the last two years is your favourite?
Now that I think about it I could have made a post about her hairstyles as well but that would have taken ages but you can see them in the pictures as well.

Thursday, 5 July 2012


I like glitter this month especially when it comes to nails and make up it looks so fresh and captures natural light so beautifully.This make up looks are intensely eye catching and compliment every complexion very well. Kaya Scodelario and Diana Vickers went for applied specks and it looks gorgeous on both of them while Diana Agron and Jessica Alba went for the more subtle version of glitter eyeshadow which looks just as good.

In the nails department the nebulae manicure is very popular over the blogosphere and the peeps from rookie mag were one step ahead and even made a tutorial on how to get them which you can find here. Anyways I find that any model of glitter nail polish looks nice as it really pops out and its a good way to refresh your beauty look.

There are many nails polishes you can use you probably know them already.Alexa Chung uses this red shade from Barry M because it reminds her of Dorothy s shoes.It has a reasonable price and it s an easy way to achieve the look.
Another way of bringing some sparkle into your life is through glittery shoes like those gorgeous ones from Miu Miu.You can find similar ones in Topshop and they really look amazing or you can DIY if you feel crafty enough.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


So while its summer with all this rain in Ireland it doesn't feel very summery so that's why my list contains more autumn like pieces like the brogues and the biker jacket but you can still wear them during summer on chilly nights.Though the list reflects some basic stuff I need in my wardrobe actually so it s nothing to do with the seasons or the weather.I currently own a lovely pair of lace brogues from Accessorize but I can t wear them when it s raining so I need a spare pair.Until I get a pair I ll go back to my beloved Chucks which last in any type of weather and had been worn to death.The skirt is the A-line type and very basic so that's why I like it,you can wear it with anything so that's why I'm looking for a similar one.It s the type UK blogger llymlrs wears a lot in her posts and it looks so good so she must be on to something.The basic white tee is a must,it doesn't necessarily have to be with stripes.The biker jacket is something I ve coveted for long but I'm waiting to find something for my budget(maybe primark will make some nice ones in the future).I also want some glitter nail polish and some long earrings.