Thursday, 16 February 2012

nowhere can still lead somewhere

So this is a questionnaire I found on a random blog which I thought would be suited for my first post.It s mainly to do with fashion like my blog is going to be.

1. How old are you?
  I'll be 17 in march.

2.  What country do you live in?

3. What is your favourite colour?
Turquoise and navy blue.
4.What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?
 My coloured jeans and my blue/white dress.

5.What is on your wish list?
A beret and lots of other things which would take ages to list here.                                      

6 .  What style of jeans do you prefer (skinny, bootcut, flared, wide legged, etc)?
Skinny but I'm also into the wide legged ones, they can give you that effortless boho look if worn right as seen on Vanessa Hudgens + other chic bloggers too bad that's not my case so I'll stick with my skinnyes.

6. Where do you shop most often?
Topshop and Pull&Bear.

7.  Do you read fashion magazines?  If so please list:
I m a bit of a magazine junkie especially if they are for teens or to do with fashion.My faves are Company(which changed its layout last month and its rather brilliant btw) and Nylon Mag.

8.  Describe your favourite shoes, whether you own them or not.
Just ballet flats really they go with everything tho for winter i prefer biker boots

9.  Describe your style in fashion and makeup:
Most of the time I wear black eyeliner and brown mascara.In fashion it depends on my mood really and whatever influences me at the moment.I'd say I'm more of a tomboy.

10.   Describe the outfit you are wearing or going to wear today:
Jeans, flats and a parka. 

11.  What makeup are you going to wear?
Rimmel Eyeliner and Mascara+NYC lipstick+Topshop blusher.

12.  Who is your favourite designer?
 Henry Holland.

13. What is your favourite nail polish?
Don't really wear nail polish that often but I prefer classic red from NYC.

14.What is your favourite fragrance?

 15.What is one fashion trend you cannot stand right now?
Kitschy charm bags.

16.Who is your fashion icon?
At the moment is Duckie from Pretty in Pink and Elle Fanning.

8.  What makeup brand is your favourite?
Rimmel especially for their eyeliner.

17.  What do you probably over buy when it comes to fashion or beauty?
Shirts and hair products.

18. What is your most recent bargain purchase?
A blazer for €15 in H&M when the sales were on.

That's it.Thanks for reading!

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